Jo | Carousel Lolita

My carousel lolita shoot with Jo and Terry was a  wonderful collaboration! I recently wrote a post about my boudoir session with Terry, who is a make-up artist and a model. Terry did a fantastic job with Jo’s make-up, which was inspired by Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers look. We did two looks, a soft ‘little girl’ lolita and a colorful ‘adult’ lolita. I provided the outfits for both looks. The first outfit is actually available for purchase on Etsy. I came across it at a thrift store and absolutely had to buy it because I wanted to do a lolita inspired shoot and it seemed so perfect for it. The second outfit is a Halloween costume. Mad Hatter, to be exact. I added a tulle bubble skirt to give it so poof and in the tulle skirt, I added some glittery Christmas wire wrap for some more color and poof. It was so much fun to work with everyone again. I really enjoy collaborating with Terry and Jo. They add more to my ideas and we all create beautiful work together. Go teamwork!

Here is a photo of the three of us:

Jo recently got published in Gorgeous Freaks magazine which featured a few photos from this shoot!

Terry & Jo, thank you for the great collaboration!

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